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Myron McMillin

Myron McMillin

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About Myron

⏪ Formerly

Designer. Web developer. Illustrator. Animator. Game designer and pixel artist. Digital marketing strategist. Speaker. Custom Lego minifig designer. UX leader. CTO. CPO. Founder.

▶️ Currently

Product management leader. Tinkerer.

🥰 I like

3D Printing. Hydroponics. 80s Nostalgia. Retro-Futurism.

Currently Working On

45 Projects. 45 Weeks.

🔄 Learn it. Use it. Ship it. Repeat.

I spend a bunch of time researching interesting skills, but haven’t been fully applying what I learn. My goal is to take the interesting things I learn and create small projects to put my learnings into practice.

For the remainder of 2022, I will complete and “ship” what I can, in my (limited) free time, time-boxed to one week. No excuses. No perfectionism. When the week is up, the project is over, done or not.

Why 45 weeks? I conceived of this project on my 45th birthday. At the time there were 45 weeks left in the year. It was too perfect to pass up.

45 in 45





Pico-8 Video Game
80’s Style Charm Bracelet
Rothko-style oil painting
🌐 Website
Build a raised garden bed
Chicken Fortress
Unity Card Game Prototype
More Unity Prototyping
Bravo/Notion App
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