Pico-8 Video Game

Week 1: Make a Pico-8 Game

For this project I wanted to recreate a game from my youth, Worm Whomper for the Intellivision on the Pico-8


Pico-8 is an amazing “fantasy console” that has a built in code, graphics, tile, map, music and SFX editors. It uses a variant of LUA (which I did not have any experience with) and allows you to creates games that are playable across a variety of platforms (including the web and mobile web).


By Evan-Amos - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

When I was about three or four years old my father bought an Intellivision for the family. The Atari 2600 was all the rage, but my father could not play using the default Atari joystick. When he was a child my father contracted polio which left him with only one functioning arm. Despite the complexity of the Intellivision game pad, my father was able to use it with only one hand. The Intellivision became the de facto game console during my younger years.

Worm Whomper

Worm Whomper is a wave-based survival game where you play as a farmer defending his crops from waves of oncoming pests. It is a basic enough game, but I played it so much that I would see it when I closed my eyes to sleep, and I could hear the lo-fi The Sorcerer’s Apprentice soundtrack in my dreams.

My Week-Long Remake

I attempted to clone the music, SFX, and graphics to the best of my ability. In the last days I decided to “upgrade” the art and make something that was more accurate an option accessible from the game menu.

I am not a musician, so I cheated best I could be trying to copy and translate sheet music, which was very, VERY slow as I am not a musician.

Play My Worm Whomper (demake)

Shoot pests! Protect your corn!

🕹️ Controls

  • Arrow keys: Move
  • X: Shoot Pesticide
  • Z: Plow ball

🗒️ If you hit a pest with your gun it will kill the pest instantly but it will also break your gun. Run to the barn to grab a new gun.

Play on Lexaloffle

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